Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Birthday!

May 2nd marked the Gladstone Farmers Market's 3rd birthday!  Just like any three year old, we're growing and changing before your very eyes.  Excited for the 2:00 opening, we had a line of anxious shoppers.  
New this year are "traveling vendors."  You will find them in the middle of the market under the beige canopies.  These vendors will rotate monthly and bring local crafts, produce and communities activities.  Below is Jody Wells, or "Windchime Woman" as she calls herself.  Jody brought a beautiful display of glass windchimes as well as chimes made with antique silverware.  Jody is hoping for more sunshine when she returns on June 6th that will show her chimes off even better. 
"Windchime Woman- returning June 6th"                                                          

Some of our new vendors:
Sweet smelling body scrubs by Shelle & Verona of Grace Naturals

Bobby & Liz of Ida Belle Farms.  As them how they named their farm!

Hey, where's Gena & Paxton of K&V Farms?

And of course, so glad to have our returning vendors:
Thomas & Zoe of Tom's Green Thumb....(and a quiet sleeping baby.....)

Great recycled treasures at Genie Jewelry
Mac of Goosehollow Gardens.  Ask him about his award!
Smilin' Stacey of S&J Herbs and Heirlooms

Didn't get Joe of Morning Dew Acres in the picture, but I know these are his great lookin' radishes.

"Tie-Dye" Kathy of KAT Tracks and all her creative creations!

Well, what else can I say!?  We had a great time Wednesday and this is only the beginning.  If you missed it, you still have lots of chances.  We're open every Wednesday from 2-6pm, just one block east of North Oak on NE 70th Street.