Monday, September 17, 2012


 Sellers Baked Goods

If you read my last blog you'll know that Erica and I were up in Ridgeway, Missouri heading out after visiting Randy at Bear Lake Farms.   Our next stop was Sellers Baked Goods.  I couldn't wait!  Who doesn't want to visit a bakery?  

Originally from Tennessee, the Sellers now live just outside of Trenton, Missouri.  As we get closer to the address we spy the small, humble sign that reads "Baked Goods Here."  Such an unassuming sign for such spectacular homemade items.  We pull in and are greeted by Tabitha Sellers.  She leads us back to the bakery.  Due to health department regulations, baked goods sold to the public must be prepared in a certified kitchen.  This means that the entire kitchen must be separate from the home's kitchen.  This helps to keep us all safe when it comes to food consumption.

As soon as we open the door, we're completely overwhelmed by the smell of cinnamon.  In front of us was probably no less than 20 loaves of cinnamon bread fresh from the oven.  Just as I sit here typing this, I can almost smell it.

Don't you wish this were scratch n' sniff?
No skimping on the cinnamon here!
Next step...bagging the bread.

Each family member has a part in the bakery process.  Tabitha introduces me to her sister, Lydia, who is filling in for Hannah today who is sick.  She sits next to the stove stirring frosting for German chocolate bread.  Mrs. Sellers is in charge of breads and pies.  She looks up to greet us as her hands continue pinching the edges of a pie crust, never missing a beat.  Tabitha goes back to mixing up cakes, which is her part of the process today.  They tell me they produce nine types of pies, seven types of breads and fifteen different kinds of cakes.  Eleven ovens keep things cookin'.

Don't tell me you haven't tried their cinnamon rolls?

Mom's job today is breads and pies.  Of course by the time we arrived her baking day was almost over, as she had 'clocked in' at midnight to start her shift.  I quizzed Mrs. Sellers on their most popular item.  She said it would probably have to be the cinnamon bread.  Then I made her tell me what she likes the best.  The sourdough and cinnamon bread, she replied, and fruit pies with Coolwhip!  
Banana Bread in the making.
Pies in the process.

Just the basics in this bakery.

Waiting for market day.

Homemade Noodles

Erica and I decided not to stay long so these girls could get back to work.  It was great fun to see how this family works together each day to bring an outstanding bakery product to our market customers.

Makes you feel right at home, doesn't it?

Come visit Hannah Sellers at the Gladstone Farmers Market each Wednesday through October 24th from 2-6 pm