Friday, June 22, 2012

Business has gone to the Dogs!

Thomas at work in the kitchen
How many twelve year-olds do you know that have their own business?  Our youngest vendor, Thomas, keeps busy with a business he has named "Molly's Muffins" making dog treats.  He has been with the Gladstone market since it opened in 2010.  Originally, he wanted to sell produce at the market, but when hail damaged his crop, he didn't give up....he got creative and started baking.  With the help of his sister, Zoe, (and of course, Mom), Thomas has mastered the art of pleasing his many customers with all-natural pet treats.
Wholesome Goodness

I visited Thomas' factory one Tuesday where he and Zoe were working on their third tray of biscuits.  When asked which flavor is their best seller they both replied, "Cheesy Dog Cookies!"  Made with only cheddar cheese, flour, vegetable oil, garlic powder and water, they also admitted that when they get hungry, they tend to nibble on them.  "Dang Good Puppy Treats" come in as a second bestseller with "Bacon Bites" at number three.

Cheesy Dog Cookies
Thomas said his recipes are simple and taken from "Buddy's Bakery" cookbook, which he picked up at Gladstone City Hall.  While Thomas' favorite part of the production process is rolling out and cutting the treats, Zoe prefers the packaging of the treats.  I personally tend to think their favorite part is bringing their finished product to the market and visiting with their customers.

Come visit with Thomas and his family each Wednesday at the Gladstone Farmers Market from 2-6 pm.  Look for "Molly's Muffins" to be introducing new value packs as well as variety packs.  Your dog will thank you!


  1. They have both learned a lot about marketing, making change and customer relations! So proud of them!

  2. Way to go Thomas and Zoe! Building a business is hard work and a lot of dedication, I couldn't be prouder of my family! Now, I will just have to come out and buy some at the next market! My puppies would love 'em.

  3. Way to go Zoe and Thomas!

  4. The kids have learned a lot, and it is great the support they have gotten from the customers coming to the Market. Thank you Gladstone for giving them the opportunity to learn first hand some real business lessons. The Farmers Market may be small compared to some others, but it's vendors are the cream of the crop.