Thursday, July 19, 2012

From the Ground Up

"From the Ground Up".....not only does it describe the name of the business Verona & Shelle created earlier this year, but it also seems to describe the ladies themselves.   Friends since 1992 through playing softball, they hit it off and now run their business together producing meat rubs, marmalade, jellies, preserves, natural body scrubs, aprons and fresh herbs.

Verona & Shelle
After her kids graduated high school, Verona put herself through culinary school.  While doing so, she fell in love with herbs.  She told me that although she grew up in a farming family and had a garden at the age of 5, growing herbs really wasn't something they did.   Luckily, she has a VERY, green thumb and today grows up to 65 different varieties of herbs!  

Shelle, a stay-at-home Mom, enjoys teaching her daughter, Grace, about foods, cooking and gardening.  Verona approached her about starting the business and trying out the Farmers Market this year.  Shelle said she thought a day out of the house once a week would be something to look forward to.  Verona said Shelle makes everything looks "pretty" for selling.  It's obvious as you approach their booth...vintage tablecloths, delicate baskets and flowery labels on the jars make it very inviting.
Details make the difference

The ladies told me they work to find the freshest ingredients for their products.  When asked about the funniest thing that they've done during the creation of their business, Shelle said it was probably when they were laying out their garden.  They decided on square foot gardening, so she got out the tape measure, tent stakes, string and went to work! 

Early Beginnings of their Garden

Don't look for the ladies to slow down anytime soon.  They have a vision to create a tourist attraction of different styles of gardens.  A place where children could learn about planting, gardening, harvesting and crop rotation.  As Verona described this idea to me, I could see her excitement about teaching future generations everything she has learned and will continue to learn. 

Stop by and try a body scrub next week


 So, blog followers, I have an assignment for you.  When you stop and see Verona & Shelle next week, ask them what the herb "Borage" was used for in ancient Rome! I bet you'll be surprised. 

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